A podcast in the making: getting started

If you haven’t heard, I’m making a podcast called the Department of Bad Ideas. I’ve never made a podcast before though, so I’m learning the ropes from scratch.

I’ve been wanting to create a podcast for ages; one of the things holding me back was an idea, but that’s not a problem now. The other thing was actually making it and getting it on to the internet: which took a while to get my head around. I figure I can’t be the only one that’s ever struggled with the logistics, so I’m going to blog about how I’m putting this show on the road; maybe it’ll come in handy for someone else.

The basics

After piecing together the basics from blogs and best practice guides all over the web, I’ve figured out you basically need 5 things to get a podcast going:

  1. an idea
  2. an identity
  3. a way of recording and editing the podcast
  4. some kind of plan recording it
  5. somewhere for the podcast to live on the internet

Put them together and what have you got? Bibbidi bobbidi boo; or so the theory goes anyway.


Over the next month or so, I’ll be documenting how I’ve approached the logistics of making the podcast in a series of posts. Keep checking back here for links to the other posts.

All posts in this series

  1. I’m making a podcast
  2. Getting started
  3. Setting up a website
  4. RSS feeds and hosting
  5. Iterating on the idea

You can find out more about the Department of Bad Ideas on the podcast’s new website.

You can also subscribe on Apple Podcasts or on Spotify. Just search for “Department of Bad Ideas”.