This is ‘Not the Song Contest’

The Eurovision Song Contest 2020 has been cancelled thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. That sucks. But whilst we can’t go to Eurovision this year, Eurovision can come to us thanks to a thing I’ve thrown together.

You see, for all intents and purposes the Contest has already happened. 41 countries have put forward 41 artists and 41 songs. All 41 entries are on Youtube. The European Broadcasting Union put them there. That means we can still have an event, even if the event isn’t taking place in Rotterdam. (Thank you World Wide Web and my marginally above average coding skills!)

Last year, I built a digital scoreboard to go along with my own Eurovision house party. Whilst we watched the coverage on the BBC, I set up a second screen in the living room with it on. We had around a couple of dozen people, across the whole country, voting during the live broadcast to pick their Eurovision winner.1 It was fun!

What if that scoreboard wasn’t just a scoreboard though?

What if it was a gateway to a very online, socially distant, Song Contest?

Introducing a very online Contest

Enter ‘Not the Song Contest’.

It’s a website that will allow you to join a digital-only Song Contest house party.

Here’s the idea. On a set date, we’ll pretend the Eurovision Song Contest is happening. We’ll all plug our laptops into our TVs and load up the website. Then, at the same time, we’ll hit ‘play’ on a YouTube playlist of this year’s entries and, as we watch, we’ll vote.

We’ll probably do something like tweet along (#NotTheSongContest) and much merriment and gaiety will ensue.

When is it happening and what do I do?

So, you’re in? Great!

We’re going to do it on 18 April 2020. Hit the play button at 20:00 British Summer Time. We’ll do all 41 tracks, right the way through, so it’ll take about two-and-a-half hours.

Everything you need is on the website, including the link to the voting page. Plug your laptop into your TV (assuming you have one) for the best experience.

That’s it! Enjoy the music and tweet along with me at #NotTheSongContest. If it works, we’ll do it again with some other music; maybe even something that isn’t Eurovision entries (a ‘Best of ABBA Contest’, anyone?).

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  1. Because it should have been Sweden. Obviously. Scandipop is the best pop.