Sharing music on my blog

I’ve been adding all sorts of new post formats to my website in recent months. I’ve added short-form notes, lists to keep track of things, photos and a format for sharing and commenting on things.

I’ve done this because, now that I’ve jettisoned most social media, I want my blogging to be less constricted. For more than a decade my blogging has been long-form; thousands of words per post. That’s fine, but it means every post is a battle against my inner drafting demons.

Lots of different styles, lengths and formats is just more interesting. Both for me to create and for other people to read.

Sharing more than words

One of the post formats I’ve added recently is a music post.

I listen to a boatload of music. I thought it would be nice to share some of it.

I have a minimalist aesthetic for my website in general; but music is a visual medium, as well as an auditory one. Artists and labels spend a lot of time thinking about their album art. That gave me an opportunity, not only to share the music I’m listening to but also to have some fun in the course of doing it.

Real-world digital stuff

As I’ve added post formats, I’ve tried to emulate physical things. Notes are styled after Post-its. Lists look like they are written on a piece of paper.

I tried thinking about a physical thing that represented music and I landed on something a bit weird but also cool: the sixth-generation iPod nano.

Using a drawing from Wikimedia Commons as a starting point, I’ve split the iPod into two layers: the device and the screen reflection. This deconstructed image allows me to dynamically insert artwork for whatever music I’m sharing in a re-usable, low effort way.

Each post shows up in my Stream as its own distinct nano iPod. Clicking on it will take you to a dedicated page with a bit more information about the music and why I’ve shared it.

A screenshot of a representation of an iPod nano with cover art for Jessie Ware's “That! Feels! Good!” album.
Each iPod nano is dynamically generated in the stream, based on a provided image of the album cover art.

Harmless fun

This is a silly thing to have put into my website, but I think it’s more fun than just a picture and a title.

Check out all the iPods nano on my Music page.