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Outline Card Stack

Inspired by The Outline.

A work in progress.

What Outline Card Stack is

Outline Card Stack is an HTML and CSS experiment inspired by the card stack elements found on The Outline. It’s a bit hacky and isn’t meant for critical or prime-time things, but it’s a cool effect.


Tested on:

  • Safari 10.0.2 for MacOS Sierra
  • Chrome for MacOS Sierra and Windows 10
  • Safari for iOS 10.0.2

Source code

You can get the original code that runs this entire demo on Github.

How the card stack works

HTML markup

Create the card stack by creating a div with class .card-stack.

<div class="card-stack">


Add cards by creating a div with class .card-stack-card. 5 cards create the main card stack, the rest will be hidden. On :hover, a 6th card is shown on the end of the stack.

<div class="card-stack-card">
	<!-- Your content goes here -->

Add a div with class .card-stack-card-end to create some spacing on the end of the deck on :hover.

<div class="card-stack-card-end"></div>


The CSS markup for making this work is contained the _app.scss file of the Github repo