Things I’ve replied to on the internet.

@johnpeart I did something similar cause I think it’s fun. It’s a public task list, I might make them, I might not 😂 so yea, they fall often in the “idea” lane. I would love to see more people doing this. Even if I don’t do something, maybe someone else will. Kind of the opposite of what we were taught to do with all the copyright laws. It’s freeing. Let the ideas fly free!

I like the way you’ve put your backlog of blogposts and website tweaks on your to do list.

I might steal that idea!

Will this trigger a webmention?

@Jonathan Yes, it did trigger a webmention! It shows up on the original post as expected.

It didn’t trigger it properly though 🙁

The post content has come through, but it’s missing the ‘author’ so it shows up as an anonymous message. (I’ve tracked you down via the backend.)

In case it helps, I used the IndieWebify.Me service to check that my post mark-up was working. This is what it shows for your post; you’re missing a bit of mark-up.