Reviewing my progress against my 2022 goals

Since 2018, I’ve been setting myself goals for the year ahead and tracking them publicly. I did the same this year.

I started the year feeling miserable for myself, having caught Covid over Christmas 2021. Honestly, I felt like I was dying, so when it came to setting some goals I tried to keep things simple. I set out to:

  1. save some money
  2. write more
  3. close my activity rings
  4. weigh less

Not the most stretching of goals, but goals nonetheless.

How did I do?

Things have not gone according to plan. I’ve only managed to achieve 1 goal: closing my activity rings an average of 5 days a week.

The rest of my goals? A write-off.

What went wrong

My year has been, to put it mildly, chaos.

Having spent the final three months of 2021 looking a new job, I started the year by landing in one by accident. By March, that project was cancelled, and I was on the hunt for another. By July, I’d landed in my second role of 2022; a role that, thankfully, appears a bit more stable.

In parallel, in March, I decided I was fed up of paying someone else’s mortgage and took the leap to get one of my own. That purchase was meant to complete by July. Instead, it completed in October and I moved to my new home.

So 2022 started with job chaos. It ended filled with home-buying and moving chaos.

Little wonder then, that my attention has been otherwise divided and focused on matters other than my 2022 goals.

So, we try again

2022 was a drama and 2022 is a write-off. 2023 should, I hope, be much more stable.

So, we try again. A new year, and a new set of goals. Let’s see if I can stick to them this time.

You can see my progress with this year’s goals by visiting my goals dashboard.