Setting some goals for 2024

MMXXIV. The year of the Dragon. Twenty twenty-four.

It’s a brand new year! And that means it’s time for a brand new set of personal goals for the year ahead.

Since 2018, I’ve set myself some public goals at the turn of the year. Not resolutions; goals.

I set multiple separate targets. I set more than one so that if I fail at one, I can still succeed at something else. Each goal must be specific and measurable. And all the goals get publicly tracked so friends, family or anyone can hold me accountable and keep me on task.

My goals for 2024

1. Read more

I don’t really enjoy reading. I never have. Those people that enjoy sitting quietly in a corner and chewing through a thousand pages in a weekend? Not me.

Weirdly, I buy books all the time! I flick through a couple chapters, and then they just sit on my shelves in near-pristine condition, waiting for their remaining pages to be perused. Especially fiction books; those are the worst.

I feel like I’m missing out on some great ideas though. So, this year, my goal is to try to read more. One book, of any kind, each month.

Success measure: 12 books read by 31 December 2024

2. Share more

I might not read books often, but I do read a lot online. My slow departure from centralised social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter means I don’t share the stuff I find as often anymore.

I do blog a lot on this humble site, but that tends to be when I have “big thoughts”; not all blogging or ideas have to be big.

So this year, a new goal that builds on my previous goals to blog more. Instead of writing “big” blog posts at least once a month, I’m going to aim to share anything I want on this site at least once a week.

It might be a fleeting thought, an album I like, a photo, an article. It might also just be a normal blogpost. Basically, anything!

I’ve been experimenting with a new stream page with some new post formats like notes, photos and comments in recent weeks. Now it’s time to go wholesale!

Success measure: Share something on my website 52 times by 31 December 2024

3. Save some money

This is a repeat entry in my goals list so very little explanation needed. Just save some money!

Success measure: £5,000 saved by 31 December 2024

4. Close my activity rings

Finally, another repeat entry from last year. Close my activity rings on my Apple Watch every day.

Success measure: Close each activity ring 365 times.


4 new goals for the year ahead. The challenge starts now.

You can follow my progress with my goals by visiting my goals dashboard.