Head of Digital Identity Governance, Policy and Delivery

I lead policy that supports the development of the digital identity market in the UK.

In my role, I currently lead teams that are working to establish a new governing body – the Office for Digital Identities and Attributes. The governing body will provide a coordinating and oversight role for the digital identity market.

I am also the service owner leading a digital delivery team developing the ‘Digital Verification Services register’; a new service that will make it easy and safe to find and use trusted digital identity and attribute providers in the UK. I also lead policy and delivery to establish the ‘information gateway’, enabling private sector access to public authority data for the purpose of identity verification and eligibility checking.

Previously, I led the development of the beta version of the UK digital identity and attributes trust framework. The trust framework aims to make it easier and more secure for people to use services that enable them to prove who they are or information about themselves. It is a set of rules for organisations to follow if they want to provide secure and trustworthy digital identity and/or attribute solutions.