Books to read in 2024

  • ’Do Interesting’ by Russell Davies
  • ’The agile comms handbook’ by Giles Turnbull
  • ’Good Services’ by Lou Downe
  • ’Making It So’ by Patrick Stewart
  • ’The Internet Con: How to seize the means of computation’ by Cory Doctorow
  • ’Foundation’ by Isaac Asimov

As part of my goals for 2024, I’ve set myself an objective to read a book a month.

This is a running list of books I’m reading, or plan to. I’ll add new books, and mark off books I’ve finished, as I go!

These are not necessarily brand new books. Some of the books I plan to get around to are books that I’ve started, and then for one reason or another, not found time to finish. Books that have sat on my shelf.