An ‘Ideas’ page.

Hot on the heels of discovering the ‘Now’ page, I’ve also discovered the concept of an ‘Ideas’ page, thanks to the folks behind About Ideas Now.

I like the way their manifesto describes the difference between an ‘About’, ‘Ideas’ and ‘Now’ page:

/about pages are about the past: how people see themselves and what brought them there. That’s useful as a general overview.

/now is a more personal look at what people are doing right now, what they care about, and what they could use help with.

/ideas should be about the future: the crazy things people always wanted to make, concepts they’re mulling over, or planned projects.

I’ve had an ‘About’ page for ages1; of course I did, it’s personal site 101.

I’ve recently added a ‘Now’ page.

And now I’ve also added an ‘Ideas’ page.

I’ve cheated a little bit. I had a ‘Projects’ page on my site where I keep track of random bits of stuff I create. I’ve retired that page, and replaced it with the new ‘Ideas’ page instead.

  1. My ‘About’ page has mostly been a look at my career, voluntary and educational history. I think I might update it to be a bit less ‘data driven’ and a bit more personal, at some point. ↩︎