Send me a (Web)mention

A while ago, I added support for Webmentions to this site.

Connecting the service up to means that I have been able to backfeed social media posts from Mastodon and Bluesky on to my blogpost pages.

I’ve now gone one step further and added a ‘Send me a Webmention’ box at the bottom of most pages on this site.

How to send me a Webmention

Publish a post on your website, and link to a post on my website. Then paste the URL of your post on your website into the new box and click the up arrow.

When you do, it’ll ping the service to let me know you’ve mentioned my post. Roughly an hour or so later, when my site rebuilds, your Webmention will show up on my site.

You might have to amend the HTML mark-up on your page to make sure this all works properly, but give it a try!

Try it out

Publish something on your site, and use the ‘Send me a Webmention’ form at the very bottom of this page.