For a number of years, I ran and led the Civil Service’s LGBT+ Network. When you’re involved in something like that for as long as I was, you get really good at organising things like attending pride events – and this photo shows something that was in reality about five years in the making.

Working with my colleague Kate, we had managed to negotiate a proper budget for pride activities for the first time in years. That meant we were able to make a huge splash at Pride in London.

Our Civil Service group — roughly 100 people strong — rode a 10 metre long float. The float was flanked by two, large LED screens playing animations I had designed to match the theme of “the pride jubilee”. There were crowns and pastiche royal insignia everywhere.

It was absolutely epic. I think I peaked, and I know I was bursting with pride as I pranced about to a pop playlist on top of that lorry. (I have permanently knackered my left-ear though. Oops!)