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Will this trigger a webmention?

@Jonathan Yes, it did trigger a webmention! It shows up on the original post as expected.

It didn’t trigger it properly though 🙁

The post content has come through, but it’s missing the ‘author’ so it shows up as an anonymous message. (I’ve tracked you down via the backend.)

In case it helps, I used the IndieWebify.Me service to check that my post mark-up was working. This is what it shows for your post; you’re missing a bit of mark-up.

Making “Webmentions” look more conversational

Pruning back the CSS garden. Repainting the HTML walls.

Into the Fediverse

Connecting my personal website up to the Fediverse

A parts bin iPod Classic

You can’t buy them brand new anymore; but is it possible to build an iPod Classic from the parts bin?

Calculating the cost of my subscriptions

This year, like many years before it, one of my goals is to save some money. One good way to know how to save some money is to understand where all your money is going; and for me, that means looking at what I’m spending on subscriptions.