Today’s the day! The official album for the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest is released.

Yes, you’ve been able to watch the music videos on YouTube of each entry for months. Yes, if you’re a die hard fan you could even have watched the national selection shows.

But I like to save myself for this moment. Unsullied by the hype of the fan base, I like to wait for the album for my first dip into the waters of each year’s Eurovision experience. Then I like to write a blogpost about every last one of the entries and try to avoid being too caustic about them.

On that note, I’m off to fire up the iPod Classic and start the ritual!

@johnpeart I did something similar cause I think it’s fun. It’s a public task list, I might make them, I might not 😂 so yea, they fall often in the “idea” lane. I would love to see more people doing this. Even if I don’t do something, maybe someone else will. Kind of the opposite of what we were taught to do with all the copyright laws. It’s freeing. Let the ideas fly free!

I like the way you’ve put your backlog of blogposts and website tweaks on your to do list.

I might steal that idea!